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Year 5

Welcome to the Year 5 area! Your one-stop shop for updates on the latest topics, homework, trips and news. 


Welcome to Year 5!

Autumn 2 topic: Survival

Image result for desert island

We absolutely love this topic because it links to the wonderful Michael Morpurgo book - Kensuke's Kingdom. We will also be looking our survival lessons to science work by looking at the properties of material and how they can help us to survive. 

It's also one of our favourite terms as we will be looking at lot of festivities! 

Christmas hoops:

Our hoop decorations this year are going to include photos of the children. We will take these photos next week. We want the photos to look wintry, so if the children have any hats/scarves/gloves they'd like to bring in, that would be fantastic. 

For those keen Christmas fans that have started collecting accessories already like Santa hats/reindeer antlers/Christmas jumpers, we are also welcoming these!

Homework Due: Wednesday 13th November

Survival research homework

Homework - grammar

To support our spellings this week (below), the children have some grammar sheets to complete for the apostrophe. The children were handed a sheet on Friday. If any children were absent or have lost their sheet, they can be found here: /docs/IMG_20191114_133521.jpg


For spelling this week, we will be looking at apostrophes. Apostrophes are used for:

- Contractions i.e. can not contracts to can't

- Singular possession i.e. my cat's fur is so soft (one cat).

- Plural possession i.e. Both girls' brothers were also friends (2 girls)

We don't have a list of the spellings for the children to learn so please look out our apostrophe rules instead. The children will be tested with a dictation including all of the above at the end of the week. 

Things you could do at home


As you know, reading a range of high quality books will help your child in all areas of the curriculum. Here is a helpful website which recommends books for each year group:

Mental arithmetic

In Year 5, we are having a huge focus on times tables - with the intention of all children knowing their times tables up to 12 x 12 by Year 6.

Here are some useful links to help with this goal:

Chanting, writing and singing times tables is also a great way to remember them.  Here is a link to some songs:



Year 5 & 6 Spelling List:
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