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2021 - 2022

Welcome back to the second half of the Autumn term

Armada Class, Fleet Class & Navy Class

We all hope that you have enjoyed the first half of our Autumn term and are looking forward to the run up to Christmas at Saltdean Primary School. We have made some exciting changes to our curriculum and we hope that you all enjoy the new topics that we will be studying this half term.

Our PE days have changed to Wednesday and Friday  - pupils must come to school in the PE kit for their school house. Arctic = green t-shirt, Atlantic = red t-shirt, Indian = yellow t-shirt and Pacific = blue t-shirt.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch by email via the school office, or phone the school to speak to a member of our fabulous office staff.

Miss Jarman, Mrs Probert, Mrs Kington and Mr McNally

Special Notice - Year Five Class Assemblies in November 2021 - on hold

Following a risk assessment and a consultation with the Health and Safety team at Brighton and Hove City Council, we shall be postponing our whole class presentations to parents and siblings until later in the academic year.



Autumn 2 Topic:

In Year 5 children will learn about space, specifically:

  • Understanding the cause of day and night
  • Understanding how the Moon orbits the Earth
  • Understanding how the Earth moves in relation to the Sun
  • Learning that the Earth, Sun and Moon are roughly spherical

A brief video introduction on this topic shall be added soon...



You can learn lots of interesting facts about the Earth, Moon, Sun and Space on the BBC Bitesize KS2 Science website:

Some examples from the BBC website will be uploaded shortly:



Our current topic web shows how our study of the Solar System connects with many of our curriculum subjects this academic year. Click on the page below to view a larger pdf. version of this document.

Weekly homework

Topic Work

We shall not be setting topic based homework this half-term, however if you wish to explore our topic in greater detail at home here are some suggested activities that you could carry out at home:

Reading Records

We are delighted to be able to continue to using our 'Reading Records' to record pupil home reading, especially as we missed them so much during Covid-19 restrictions. Reading suitably challenging books, on a regular basis at home has a huge effect on the progress that each pupil makes. Studies frequently show that pupils who maintain a good reading habit: improve their writing skills, their imagination and their concentration. 

Pupils can record their reading of books from home, books from the classroom and books from the school or local library. Each pupil should read at least four times a week and record the date, the book title and the pages which have been read. The comment section should be used to share facts that can only be found by reading those pages.

(Below) An example of a well presented Y5 reading record


Weekly Spellings

Listed below are the weekly spellings that we shall be learning during the second half of the Autumn Term.

Half-term challenge words





















Forming plurals

How would we change these words from singular to plural?   ( +s, +es or +ies)



















 Words with apostrophes

 Contractions, singular possession and plural possession

 Year 5 statutory words


 Words with hyphens


 Root words and spelling patterns


Statutory Spellings

Across the academic year there are certain key words that Y5 should learn to spell and use in their creative writing - these are the words in the statutory lists for Y5 & Y6. Pupils should also continue to show that they can spell and use the words from the statutory lists for Y3 & Y4.


Weekly Times Tables

Every day pupils practice a set of multiplication tables (from x2 to x12) from Monday to Thursday - often using a multiplication square to find the correct answers. On Friday pupils complete the same set of questions (without the multiplication square) and record their score and the time taken to complete them. 

If pupils wish to practice their times tables at home, you will find a multiplication square below - which can be downloaded or printed out at home:


This week's times tables practice sheet.  










Handwriting in Y5


In Year 5 we encourage all the children to join their letters together in a cursive style. Our letter formation is set out on the document below:




Further links to essential websites for Y5 pupils




Times Tables Rockstars


Code Combat