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Year 4

Welcome back to Year 4



Tide Class are with Miss Barclay and Mrs West (TA)

Wave Class are with Mr Bignal and Miss Roberts (TA)

Surf Class are with Miss Meadows, Mrs Pearson and Mrs Walton (TA)

We have made some exciting changes to our curriculum and we hope that you all enjoy the new topics that we will be studying this year.

 Autumn Term 


This term children will step back in time to life in Britain after Roman withdrawal. They will learn about Anglo - Saxon and Viking invasions up to the Norman conquest. 

This will be brought to life on the 5th October when children will become a Viking for the day with Rainbow Theatre.

Weekly homework

Reading Records

We are delighted to be able to return to using our 'Reading Records' to record pupil home reading, especially as we missed them so much during Covid-19 restrictions. Reading suitably challenging books, on a regular basis at home has a huge effect on the progress that each pupil makes. Studies frequently show that pupils who maintain a good reading habit: improve their writing skills, their imagination and their concentration. 

Pupils can record their reading of books from home, books from the classroom and books from the school or local library. Each pupil should read at least four times a week and record the date, the book title and the pages which have been read. The comment section should be used to share facts that can only be found by reading those pages.

Please could at least one read per week be with an adult.


Teachers will soon be setting weekly Mathletics activities for the children to complete. 

Times Table Rock Stars

We would like the children to regularly practise their times tables at home.


Listed at the bottom of this page are the statutory words for pupils in Year 3 & 4. Pupils should focus on learning these spelling and we would love to see these words being used in their written work at a school 


On PE days you can come to school in your PE kit.

Tide - Monday and Wednesday

Wave - Tuesday and Thursday

Surf - Monday and Friday

Many Thanks!

The Year 4 Team