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Year 4 Home Learning

WB: 27.04.20

From now on all your home learning will be available to access through Seesaw! We look forwards to seeing how you on there and seeing how you get on!

WB: 20.04.20 


The expectation is that you will read on a daily basis and that this should still be recorded in your reading record. We look forward to seeing what books you have read and the words that you have magpied.

 This week we are are exploring minibeast poetry. Please read, listen to, or even try performing some of the poems in the Powerpoint ‘Minibeast Poetry – Reading.’ This task is also on Seesaw so if you would rather do this on there, then please do! We would love to see you exploring our new platform! 

Please find the PowerPoint attached HERE.

Alternatively, you can also access some of the poems online by clicking on these links.

Insect Soup

There was an old woman who swallowed a fly

 Afterwards, answer the questions orally below.

·       Which poem did you like the most? Why?

·       Which poetic devices did it contain?

 You can use the PowerPoint ‘Explaining Poetry Terms,’ to find out more about different poetic devices. Please find the PowerPoint attached HERE.

Below is a list of activities you could complete using your own story book:

1.     Create a wanted poster for your favourite story villain. Include details of the character’s appearance, common behaviour and last known whereabouts.

2.     Draw an emotion graph showing how your character’s feelings have changed as the story progresses.


For all spellings, please see the new half termly overview. Find attached HERE.

This week, we are week 1, so please focus on these words with your child.


Our new topic for this half term is minibeasts. We would like to begin the term by asking you to research the rhinoceros beetle, you will then use this information to create a poem about this fascinating creature.

Please click HERE to see the PowerPoint ‘Minibeasts – Research and Poetry.’ This explains the research and poetry writing tasks.

This PowerPoint also contains an example rhinoceros beetle poem, activities at different levels of challenge and an extension task.

Please click HERE for the PowerPoint ‘Note-taking from texts,’ which provides guidance on how to make notes when carrying out your minibeast research.



For this weeks home-learning task, we would like you to measure and estimate the mass of several objects in your house!

 Here is a list of a few things you could do:

·       Collect items from your kitchen cupboard, look at their mass and put them in some sort of order.

·       Convert these items into grams or kilograms (whichever one they are not).

·       Collect some items that do not have the weight written on them and predict how much you think they will weigh. Then use scales to weigh the items and convert to g or kg.

·       Bake a cake and practise measuring the right amount of ingredients! You will know if you got it right by how delicious it tastes when you are finished!

·       Create a shopping bag of items, either using items from your cupboards and putting them in a bag, or by drawing a picture of a shopping bag with items (or do both!) and workout the total mass of your shopping! Again, you could also order your items from heaviest to lightest.

·       Make up some number stories about your items and test your grown-ups, or your brothers and sisters – make sure you have worked out the answer so that you can tell them if they are right or wrong! For example: Johnny buys a bag of flour which has a mass of 1.5kg. He uses 400g when making cheese sauce. How much flour is left?

o   You could challenge yourself to see if you can think of a word problem for each of the four maths operations (add, subtract, times, divide).

·       If you have done all of this, then please feel free to work through some of the maths worksheets (Click HERE). You don’t need to print them off, you can just write the answers on some paper if it’s easier for you.

·       If by the end of the week, you feel you have a good understanding of how to convert from g to kg, you could write a letter to someone in a younger year group and explain to them what you know. Drawing pictures and labelling them might be really useful!

 Have fun – we can’t wait to see how you got on!

(For a let’s learn sheet to be read before you get started, click HERE.)

Times table practise is so valuable!

Here are some links to good times table websites:

 You can also try the MathsFactor website and search for timestable check.


We would also like you to log on to Mathletics and complete the tasks which have been set for you this week. Feel free to play around on the other activities that you want to work on, too.



This term we will be looking at Living Things, specifically Minibeasts, and their habitats.

Over the next 2 weeks your challenge is to go on a MINIBEAST SAFARI, either in your garden or on one of your walks. This week we want you to see what creatures you find, and record the habitats that they were found in.

Next week you will be able to share your Safari results with the class on Seesaw. But this week we want you to just get used to using Seesaw and to carry out the Safari.

You can use your journals this week to record your findings.

Please click on the link HERE for more details on what a Minibeast Safari is and how to do it.

Please click on the link HERE for minibeast facts and identification cards.

 Have fun on your Safaris.


Key Stage 2 –Europe Project Part 3. Please click on this link HERE.

This project continues on from the two weeks before Easter. Please click on the link for the next few activities.



There are lots of websites and Youtube channels which will give you fun ideas and activities to stay fit and healthy over this period. We have recommended a few below. Who has been enjoying the Joe Wicks work outs each morning? Or some yoga and mindfulness with Cosmic Kids?

·      5 Minute Move | Kids Workout 2 | The Body Coach TV - YouTube

· Yoga


 You may also want to check out Sami Circuit’s live workouts that he has been doing from his home in California. He does a shout out to England and Saltdean Primary School in Day 19!



Minibeasts come in all different shapes and patterns. Some of their colours are very clever.

Please click on the link HERE to learn about minibeast camouflage and warning colours.

This week we would like you to have a go at some minibeast artwork, either to do with Warning Colours or Camouflage.

Please click on the link HERE to get some idea about what you could do. But even better if you think of your own ideas. Have fun and be creative.


Please Find Week Two Planning HERE and the links you may need below:


Please click HERE to see a PowerPoint on the key features of advertisements and HERE for an example text. 


Please click on the link HERE for a powerpoint of lessons.  

Please click on the link HERE for the worksheets in word document format.  

Please click HERE for planning to help make sense of the powerpoint.

Spelling words

Europe Project Part 2. Please click on this link HERE

 Please Find Week One Planning HERE and the links you may need below:

Maths Slides

Maths Worksheets

Maths Planning

Spelling words

Europe Project PART 1

Conjunctions sheet