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Year 3 Home Learning

Year 3 

Week 1


The expectation is that you will be reading on a daily basis and that this should still be recorded in your reading record. We look forward to seeing what books you have read and the words that you have magpied.  

 A Reading Journal of activities is attached for you to complete one each day. You can either print out the activities or use them for inspiration.  


This week’s spellings are: Alternative spellings of the /s/ sound 

 10 weekly spellings: listen, whistle, mince, force, horse, house, science, bounce, press, dress  


This week we are going on an adventure... 

 We would like you to click this link: 

 ‘Pobble’ the website posts a new image each day to inspire children’s writing.  

This week we are looking at ‘Tundra Town’ – October 23rd

 Task 1 – Imagine spending a day in this place and write a postcard home. 

Task 2 - Write a list of questions you would like to ask the people living in this place. 


·         See beneath the picture for more activities.  

·         Use as many of this week’s spellings as you can in your writing. 

·Edit your work – does it make sense? Have you used capital letters and full stops?  



 This week we would like you to review some of the learning we have been doing on Time.  Maths No Problem Textbook and Workbook pages are attached. They are labelled Day 1 to Day 5. The answers are attached. Mark your work with an adult and complete any corrections. 

Day 1    Day 2   Day 3    Day 4     Day 5  

 Click below for some fun maths challenges:

Challenge 1

Challenge 2

Challenge 3

Here is the link to a great maths game about telling the time. You can make it as easier or difficult as you like!

Top Marks - Telling the Time


The topic we would like you to visit/revise is Rocks and Soils. 

 From your online learning, we would like you to: 

·         Watch the video ‘what is soil made from’ 

·         Complete the quiz on what soil is made from. 

·         Investigate the soil near you. Can you find examples of dead organic matter? 

·         You could make a wormery to observe over time. 

 Please find below a few links to some websites which will give you steps to follow to make your own wormery.

RHS School Gardening

BBC Gardening for Kids


Key Stage 2 –Europe Project. Please click this link. 


There are lots of websites and Youtube channels which will give you fun ideas and activities to stay fit and healthy over this period. We have recommended a few below: 

·         5 Minute Move | Kids Workout 2 | The Body Coach TV - YouTube 

· Yoga 



Pupils with additional needs

If some of these activities are a little tricky, have a go at some of the extra activities below:


Maths activity pack

Reading comprehension task