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Year 1 Home Learning

Dear Parents and Carers, 

We hope you enjoyed the first week of our new topic 'Down on the Farm' and have had the opportunity to use seesaw to share your learning at home with us. We have really enjoyed receiving all the videos, messages, photos, online learning activities and pictures that have been sent over the week. From now on, all learning will be available on seesaw only so please log on to receive daily tasks for your child/ren to do at home and share these with us.  We hope that you enjoy completing them with your child/ren as much as we enjoyed preparing them! Below is the previous weeks grid for parents who were in the process of completing this. 

Thank you so much for all your fantastic support at home, we can see how much fun the children are having. We cant wait to see what the new week brings! 

The Year 1 Team!

Please see the Year 1 guidance on how to support your child in learning at home by clicking the following link. This will download a Word document, 'Guidance to Parents', on to your device.


This week, we would like you to continue with your ‘Book of Books’. When you have really enjoyed reading a book with your grown up, choose your favourite part of the story and draw a picture of it. Below, write a sentence to describe your picture.

Please make sure that you are reading at least 4 times per week. This can be a mixture of school books and home books.



Grownups - please re-read the SoundsWrite tips in the Home Learning Guidance. Link.

Target sound: /oe/.

Spellings: o,oa, ow, oe, o_e

Word list: boat bone coat crow float go goat grow Joe know most only open phone snow slow so toe wrote  

Please practise some sounds using flashcards every day. Click this link.



This week, we would like you to learn to recognise, read and write the following everyday words:

 he, she , we, me, be 

Can you put them into a sentence?


This week is the first week of the Summer term topic 'Down on the Farm'. The book we will be using this week is 'Farmer Duck' by Martin Waddell.  If you don't have the story at home,  enjoy watching it being read by Michael Rosen by clicking here. Here are some activities for you to do this week- 

1. Enjoy watching the story, you may want to watch it more than once so that you know it really well! Can you join in with any key phrases? Explain to your grown up what happened in the story at the beginning, middle and end. 

2. Act out your story for your grown up. You could use anything you like for this: puppets, stick pictures, props etc. Be sure to show off your dramatic side and really get into character by using different voices.We know you are really good at this and make sure you practise!  

3. Without checking, can you name all the characters in the story and write them in a list? Watch the story again, is there any that you forgot? You could add them with purple pen!

4. Create a character profile about the duck in the story. How would you describe him? How does his character change at the end of the story? Here is a  suggested layout.

5. Rewrite the story in your own words. This can be an extended piece of writing OR 5 simple sentences recapping the main events. Don't forget your capital letters, finger spaces and fulls stops!


This week we would like you to get involved in some practical maths linked to money. 

Here are some activities for you to complete over the week. 

1. Coin sorting-Can you name all the different coins you have been given by your grown up? How many of each do you have? Here are some printable coins if you need them but real coins are better. Here is also a follow up activity now that you have done some exploring! 

2. Coin rubbing- For this you need a selection of coins, paper and crayons.  Rub each coin, one side and then the next. What do you notice about each coin?  How does it look?  How would you compare it to the other coins? Here is a follow up activity now that you have done some exploring. 

3. Play guess the coin with a grown up or sibling.  Take it in turns to think of a coin, describe the properties of the coin (colour/size etc). Can your partner guess the coin? Here is a follow up activity now that you have done some exploring. 

4. Heads and tails.  This is an adult led activity.  Teach children heads and tails on a coin.  Adult to flick the coins in the air and guess if it will be heads or tails.  Can you keep a tally to see which one it lands on most? Here is a follow up activity now that you have done some exploring. 

5. This could be set up by a grown up before hand.  Set up a shop at home using items from around the house.  Give the items a price and using real coins if possible, buy the items for the correct amount. Here is an activity for you to complete now you have done some exploring. 


Our science topic this term is ‘Animals including Humans’.

Use the BBC Bitesize website to explore ‘What are Fish?’, where you will find some interesting video clips and activities. Click below for the link.

What are Fish? 

Ongoing History Project

Continue with your project based on a famous person in History. You can choose from the list in the following link. This document will download onto your device:

Year 1 History Project. You’ll also find more detail and guidance there!




There are lots of websites and Youtube channels which will give you fun ideas and activities to stay fit and healthy over this period. We have recommended a few below:

  Joe Wicks The Body Coach - 5 Minute Move for Kids - Yoga



Optional ‘creative learning’ activities

·       Daily Lego challenge link

·       Non-screen activities link

·       Mindfulness colouring link

        100 Things to do Indoors link

Optional ‘plugged in’ activities






Please see here for specific activities suitable for year one.