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Enjoy learning all about the world? Want to find out more about science? These links will take you to websites where you can watch videos, play games, do experiements and have fun!

Daily lessons


BBC Bitesize Daily Lessons          Fun science videos with Konnie           Live videos with
for Y1-Y6                                              Huq. For KS2                                       Maddie and Greg.

Join Steve Backshall for

a live Q&A every Wednesday

on YouTube



Additional Resources



A big collection of activites       A big collection of activites    Lots of videos and

and videos for KS1                          and videos for KS2                TV shows for KS2



Watch fun science                              Find out all about Space with

experiments with your favourite     lots of video, quizes and activites

CBeebies presenters for KS1            for all ages

and Recpeption



Take a virtual tour of                 Look at the exhibits, watch videos and

The Natural History                   learn more about science from your

Museum for KS2                       sofa for KS2



Live reports of Mars                 Do your own experiments           Lots of science facts