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Reception- Home Learning

 We have tried to compile a list of activities that can be repeated over and over, as there are endless possibilities and outcomes. For example, the same picture can inspire many different sentence writing opportunities.

Week 1


The expectation is that you will be reading as often as possible, and this should still be recorded in your reading record.

 We have sent a few books home with your child but please be resourceful in selecting alternative books for children. Some story books have words that are accessible to our children, so this will provide a great opportunity for shared reading.

 Please visit the Oxford Owl website which we have attached here:

 It is free to create an account, and once you have, look for the e-book tab. There are a range of free books for children to access and read at home. Most of these books will be greyed out, as they require a full subscription to view.


Reading challenge:

Find a sentence from your book that is quite simple. Eg. The cat is on the mat.

Write the sentence on a strip of paper for your child. Cut each word out individually (including the full stop or punctuation mark). Your child then needs to read the individual words, and re order the sentence. Stick these down, and draw a picture to match. Some children might be ready to write the sentence themselves. There will be lots of suitable sentences in each book, so this activity can be repeated at least once a week using the same two books!


Please see the attached documents regarding activities we use to help teach phonics at school. Each week, we plan to add some new words that can be incorporated into these activities. These will all include sounds we have previously learnt in school.

 Phonics Lesson Guidance

Please visit the following website for phonics based activities:


Words for Word building this week: drank, grand, plank, spent, swept, drink, crank, slump, spend

We usually build three words each session. 

Sound swap sequences this week: 

  • smog, smug, sug, suf, smuf
  • glaf, plaf, plef, glef, gref

You can also make up your own sound swap sequence. Just remember, only one sound should change each time. 



Here we have a link to an amazing story book that encouraging creative writing. The children will NOT be able to write a story such as this independently, so the idea is that you scribe for them, as they think of the ideas. The story path and pictures give you a template on which to adapt. The children have done this in school already, on world book day, so they should recognise the pictures.

Story Path


Please see the attached picture HERE which we would like children to use as a writing stimulus to write some independent sentences. Children might write sentences such as:

1.       I can see a yellow sun.

2.       The dog is black and white.

3.       The fox is sitting.

4.       The tap is dripping.

5.       Zebras are stripy.


Please note: children should use their phonics skills to sound out and write words as they hear them. it does not matter if the spelling is right as long as they have sounded the word out phonetically eg. cheese written as cheez or bread written as bred etc.




So much of our maths learning can be done through playing games.


Please dedicate some time this week to gathering together all games in the house. This includes games that require a dice, games that require turn taking, and card games such as Uno. When using dice, try and teach and encourage children to recognise the number of spots without counting, to move their counter the right number of spaces independently, and even use two dice to encourage addition.  Games like Uno encourage turn taking, and matching both numbers and colours.


Please see the attached links to two maths activities for this week. One is a number based activity and the other is a Shape, space and measure one.


Shape, Space and Measure


Please feel free to add things to Tapestry every so often to keep in touch with us, to share news, share art work and even just to say hello! These are unlikely to be shared with the class when we all come back to school, but we will always reply to children via the comments section. This will then be a lovely opportunity for us to keep close contact while we are all apart.

Please see the attached link HERE for support from Tapestry with ideas to cover every area of the curriculum. We will share these weekly.  



Use the internet (adult supported and if applicable) and information books to find out about one big creature, and one small creature, to fit with our topic, ‘All things Great and Small’.  You could draw pictures and write some facts. Perhaps each animal could be on an A4 piece of paper and these can be combined each week to make an animal fact file book. If you do not have access to paper, please feel free to record this in the exercise books we sent home with your child. This project can be ongoing throughout the weeks and adapted however you please. 


There are lots of websites and YouTube channels which will give you fun ideas and activities to stay fit and healthy over this period. We have recommended a few below:


· 5 Minute Move | Kids Workout 2 | The Body Coach TV - YouTube