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Our Curriculum

Every aspect of our work, from the curriculum to our pastoral approach, is intended and planned to help our learners navigate life and learning using the four points on the Saltdean Compass:

  • Values
  • Identity
  • Skills and
  • Knowledge.


We want our curriculum, in all its breadth and depth, to prepare our learners not only for the calm waters they will visit, but also for the stormy and unfamiliar experiences they will also face on their journey. We want to give them the confidence that the destination of the journey is theirs to decide, but that they can always navigate home to Saltdean, their starting point and safe haven.

Our Saltdean Curriculum has been designed to:

  • Deliver the National Curriculum and the Early Years Curriculum
  • Prepare children for the next stage in their learning
  • Grow purposeful adults who will be able to function in the world
  • Introduce pupils to a breadth of learning so when they are older they have a secure base on which to make choices about specialisms and interests
  • Reflect the children’s lives and possibilities back to them: located in their lived experience of locality and time period, but with a secure understanding of the wider world, the history that has led to ‘now’ and what the possibilities for the future might be

You can find out more about our curriculum here.