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Design and Technology

Our Design and Technology Curriculum


Our Curriculum Intent:

We want our curriculum, in all its breadth and depth, to prepare our learners not only for the calm waters they will visit, but also for the stormy and unfamiliar experiences they will also face on their journey. We want to give them the confidence that the destination of the journey is theirs to decide, but that they can always navigate home to Saltdean, their starting point and safe haven.


What are designers and Makers?

Saltdean Designer and Makers.

·         Demonstrate a knowledge-rich, well-connected understanding of design and technology, which is progressively built throughout their voyage.

·         Learn, build and develop the fundamental practical skills required to ensure that they are successful as designers and makers and ensure that these skills enable them to be secondary ready and to become a capable young adult.

·         Have an awareness of significant designers and makers from a range of cultures and are exposed to quality examples of finished design products to deepen and enrich their knowledge.

·         Demonstrate the values of Belonging, Resilience, Integrity, Consideration and Curiosity in their learning.

·         Can make meaningful cross curricular links and connections which support and deepen their ability to create a meaningful and purposeful final product.

·         Are resilient and have the confidence to take risks, having a growth mind-set to understand that only from making mistakes and trying again can the products that they design improve.

·         Understand that everything that they design must have a meaningful purpose and meet a specific design criterion.

·         Are problem solvers.

·         Have a rich and varied bank of technical vocabulary that they build upon through each project and are able to articulate their ideas and critique their work and the work of others using this technical vocabulary.



Our Design Technology curriculum design

Our Design and Technology projects are based around for overarching design and technology subject focuses of structures, mechanisms, cooking and nutrition or textiles.


As Designers and Makers children have a clear understanding that the design process is a cycle that continues to evolve and change, this cycle consist of the design stage, the making stage and the evaluation stage. Children understand that as Designers and Makers they will adapt and improve their final designs in order to meet a specific design criteria and that the design process is continuous.


In Key Stage 1, the children are introduced to the structure that all projects follow. They are introduced to key concepts and begin to build up their knowledge and skills over time. Using a broad range of equipment and techniques. The skills that children are taught are built upon each year and increase in difficulty as children progress through the key stage. In year 1 children are introduced to the idea of structures, focusing on constructing, fixing and strengthening materials in the project Shade and Shelter. In year 2 children continue to develop their understanding of structures developing their woodwork skills joining and strengthening materials to make a sturdy beach hut,


In Key Stage 2, the children continue to follow the same structure for each project but begin to use a more comprehensive range of equipment and skills. They begin to complete their innovative tasks with more independence as they come to the end of Key Stage 2.


The design and technology curriculum’s electronic systems and IT monitoring and control elements are explicitly taught in our science projects to ensure the links between the subjects are highlighted.



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