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‘You live a new life for every language you speak. If you only know one language, you only live once.’ Czech proverb


As part of a wider global community, we want our pupils to develop an understanding of a language other than the one of the country they live in. At Saltdean Primary School, we aim to celebrate all spoken languages within our community. We believe learning a new language promotes not only student´s curiosity about other cultures and identities but also about their own. Understanding and respecting other cultures is a key part of a multicultural school, such as Saltdean Primary.  Children interviewed about the importance of learning and speaking other languages could link the significance of this world opening skill to their school value of ‘Belonging’. We believe strongly in the importance of pupils feeling understood as well as being able to understand others, through all of the many ways that we communicate and the use of language as a tool to be understood.

During our ‘Celebration of Languages Day’ children learn and appreciate other cultures and languages through a variety of experiences that take place across the school. Each class displays evidence around their rooms of the languages that are spoken at home. We also display the languages within our school, and link the children in our school to their spoken languages, as well as locating where these languages are widely spoken around the world. 

We have chosen French as our modern language, and this is taught from Year 3 to Year 6. These lessons are taught in a fun, interactive way using, games, music, creativity and challenges to engage pupils.

In Key Stage 1 we aim to build communication and literacy skills that will help our students to better understand their own language as well as gaining the basic linguistic knowledge to fully progress learning a foreign language throughout their schooling.

As they begin learning French in KS2, it is very much about having the confidence to speak and build vocabulary. The children listen to stories, sing songs, play games and do role play, and progress to write in French and learn more about the grammar and culture of French speaking nations.

As they progress through the school, children develop their linguistic skills in:

  • Listening
  • Speaking
  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Grammar
  • Inter Cultural Understanding


Our Languages Curriculum

Our Curriculum Intent:

We want our curriculum, in all its breadth and depth, to prepare our learners not only for the calm waters they will visit, but also for the stormy and unfamiliar experiences they will also face on their journey. We want to give them the confidence that the destination of the journey is theirs to decide, but that they can always navigate home to Saltdean, their starting point and safe haven.

What is a


Saltdean Linguists…

  • Demonstrate a knowledge-rich, well-connected linguistic understanding, which is progressively built throughout their voyage.
  • Enjoy learning French and has the confidence to communicate using their language skills.
  • Develop positive attitudes towards language learning.
  • Will be able, by the end of KS2, to understand spoken and written language from a variety of authentic sources and respond either orally or in writing with increasing confidence, using the variety of grammatical structures and the vocabulary they have learnt for each topic.
  • Will be prepared for further language learning in Key Stage 3, either by building on their French learning or by applying their skills to learning a new language.
  • Demonstrate the values of Belonging, Resilience, Integrity, Consideration and Curiosity in their learning.
Our Languages curriculum design


Our Curriculum for French starts in year 3, where children are taught the language every week for 30 minutes. Children develop 3 main skills throughout their time learning French.

 Children in lower key stage 2 begin by speaking, listening and responding, and developing appropriate pronunciation of words and phrases. As they move through into upper keys stage 2, their listening and engaging becomes conversational, through expressing opinions as well as their own ideas and presenting information. Through singing and role play, their oracy becomes enhanced through confidence and enjoyment.

 The second skill as linguists, is to become French readers and writers, they begin by reading words on flashcards and powerpoints, playing games with words to show understanding of meaning, and moving on to constructing phrases by un-muddling sentences. Later on, children read lyrics to songs and become able to read complex sentences and short paragraphs. As writers, children label and fill gaps to identify vocabulary, as well as begin to write simple dialogue. This progresses through to writing complete and complex sentences, as well as presenting information in written or typed form.

 The final skill is developing children’s intercultural understanding, which begins with locating France, discovering its key geographical features, cultural traditions, and identifying similarities and differences. As the child travels up the key stages, they learn about other French speaking countries in similar ways.

 Throughout the school, we celebrate all spoken languages at Saltdean Primary, inside the classrooms, on doors, on displays around the school, as well as during our Language Days/Week where children get to feel further immersion into other cultures from around the world.


 You can see our unit overview here.