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Our History Curriculum


Our Curriculum Intent:

We want our curriculum, in all its breadth and depth, to prepare our learners not only for the calm waters they will visit, but also for the stormy and unfamiliar experiences they will also face on their journey. We want to give them the confidence that the destination of the journey is theirs to decide, but that they can always navigate home to Saltdean, their starting point and safe haven.


What is a


Saltdean Historians...

·         Demonstrate a knowledge-rich, well-connected historical understanding, which is progressively built throughout their voyage.

·         Learn the fundamental building blocks, which allow them to meaningfully explore, reflect and be curious about the past.

·         Can skilfully articulate their developing comprehension of chronology, significant figures and changes over time, using historical vocabulary.

·         Embrace diversity and respect other people’s experiences, past and cultures.

·         Are passionate and enthusiastic in debate surrounding different perspectives from the past, using in-depth research and evidence derived from a range of sources, to support their arguments.

·         Utilise their exposure to real artefacts, local trips and high-quality resources to deepen their knowledge.

·         Have an outstanding awareness of key people, events and contexts from a wide range of historical periods.

·         Demonstrate the values of Belonging, Resilience, Integrity, Consideration and Curiosity in their learning.


Our History curriculum design

Our Curriculum for History starts in the Early Years, where the children find out about changes within their lifetimes and about how some things in the past were similar to now, but other things were very different.


In Key Stage 1, the children learn more about their immediate and expanded world, developing a sense of chronology and looking for evidence to help their understanding. They also start to move their attention to people in history who lived in different places and in times that might be very different to their own.


As the children enter Key Stage 2, they have a robust sense of their own history and of the history of their local area and some knowledge the British Isles and the wider world. Their learning builds on this by travelling through the chronology of the British Isles from Stone Age up to 1066.


By Upper Key Stage 2, children’s understanding of chronology means that they are ready to go back to the earliest civilisations and carry out in-depth studies of times, societies and locations which are very different to their own. Their advanced historical skills mean that they are able to articulate a comprehensive and connected view of their historical knowledge, including of our local area.


Our History Voyage of Discovery


 History Skills and Knowledge Progression