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Friday Update 16th March 2018


Dear Parents/Carers

Well done Barracudas for their class assembly this morning. We love watching these celebrations of learning and seeing examples of what the children have been doing as well as listening to singing, reciting and even some movement. Year 3 have certainly made the most of the Stone Age topic and we know they had a lovely time at Michelham Priory too, even though it was rather soggy.

 We are very grateful to parents and carers for the voluntary contributions to class trips, activities and visitors. We couldn’t offer these without your support. Our commitment is to continue these and, following Parent Council feedback, to get as much on to Parent Pay as possible and give you all as much notice as possible.

 Clownfish, 2M, will perform our last class assembly of the term on Friday 23rd March. They are working so hard and getting in lots of practice! When we return from Easter, assemblies will commence again, starting with 2W on 20th April. Class Assemblies will take place in the South hall and commence at 9.15am. Parents and carers must use the entrance via School Lane.

 Saltdean Stars:

Our next Saltdean Stars, stay and play toddler group, will be on Tuesday 27th March in the North Hall from 9-10.30. Next session we will be exploring chicks, bunnies and all things fluffy!

We are looking forward to having some fun with you all.

Saltdean's Ideal Bookshelf:

Have a look in the library and around the school to discover our favourite book quotes and the Saltdean's ideal bookshelf. We have loved hearing about your favourite quotes. Thank you for sharing them with us!

Daily Mile Reminder for Sports Relief:

From Monday 19th, all classes… and their teachers, will be taking part in the ‘Daily Mile’. Therefore can all children remember to bring in suitable trainers for jogging, so that they can join in safely. Please make sure they also have a water bottle in school every day!

Rottingdean Village Football Club:

Please see attached flyer from Rottingdean Village Football Club. They welcome all children from 4-8 years old, boys and girls of any level of experience.

You can just turn up for their Saturday sessions, 9.30 - 10.30am, and first session is free!!

 Did you know… we keep lots of our diary dates on our school website calendar? If you click on a

particular event, you may be able to see more information! (Locations/times/copies of original letters/reminders etc!) Please bare in mind; we are limited to what we say regarding trips and events needing codes etc, due to safeguarding.

Please do have a little browse, you may find it helpful!


Have a great weekend everyone. I’m not mentioning the s…n…o…w word(only in a whisper), as I had quite enough of 5am peeps through the curtainsa couple of weeks ago and am more than ready for Spring flowers, lambs, bunniesand new life. Please read later about a lovely family activity set up –“Saltdean Secret Stones”. What a lovely idea – please try to join up and take part.

Did any children spot something slightly different about staff on Wednesday thisweek? Let us know if you know what it was!

Mrs Morgan


Year 1: This week, we have really enjoyed writing a diary as Mary Seacole and have been using adjectives well. We have found her inspirational and this really shows in the writing.  In Maths, we have finished our unit on numbers to 40 and have begun learning about addition and subtraction  word problems. In PE, we have started a new unit on dance which has had us bouncing around the hall to music and thinking about how we have been using our bodies.  This has linked well with science and PSHE and learning about being healthy and food as fuel. Next week, we will be taking part in the 'daily mile'.  This will make us super healthy! 

 Year 2: In literacy, we have been getting our teeth stuck into the story of 'The Enormous Crocodile'. We used the beginning of the story to build a character profile of the child-eating beast. We have learnt about noun phrases and how Roald Dahl uses them effectively to hook the reader in.In maths, we have continued with our learning about time. This week, we have been working out the duration of different times. Time can sometimes be tricky for us to learn, so the more extra practise we can do outside of school, the better.

 Year 3: Thank you to everyone who has attended one of our assemblies over the last few weeks.  We had a lot of fun rehearsing them and we are sure you will agree it was lovely to see so many of the children performing and presenting so confidently in front of an audience.  The other big highlight of this week was our trip to Michelham Priory.  The children enjoyed an action packed day: creating Celtic art; conducting an Iron Age burial and watching a blacksmith create a poker in a real forge.  Then there was the Walk Through Time, which proved it takes more than a bit of rain to dampen the children's spirits! Now we are preparing for our final big event of the term, which is setting up a museum to show off all our lovely work.  We hope you can make it along!

 Year 4: Year 4 have been super mathematicians this week. We are studying the time: understanding the 24 hour clock, working out time intervals, start and finish times and converting between seconds, hours, days, months and years. Parents and carers, please help us by asking your child to tell the time throughout the day. As writers, we have been using persuasive writing techniques including boastful, exaggerated language, repetition and rhetorical questions. In PSHE sessions we read a story about a fox, mouse, lion and human and discussed the difference between being aggressive, assertive and passive.

 Year 5: This week, Year 5 have really enjoyed concluding our writing inspired by 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory', with the children penning some imaginative, funny and excellent missing chapters about a sixth unpleasant child on the Golden Ticket tour. In Maths, the children have made great progress in deepening their understanding of decimals; they can now add, subtract and compare these with fractions with growing confidence. Hockey and Swimming has continued for Sharks and Stingrays respectively, and we have been comparing the life cycles of mammals and insects in Science. Finally, we have ended the week looking forward to Sport's Relief and taking part in our Daily Mile challenge. Just a reminder, all children to bring in trainers for the week and come kitted out in sportswear of their choice on Friday to raise money for worthy causes. 

 Year 6: The children have been absolute superstars this week! They have taken all of the tests in their stride and been incredibly supportive of each other. Now everybody knows exactly what to expect during SATs week, which commences on Monday 14th May. The children have also enjoyed some exciting science lessons this week, where we learnt all about how we see. We enjoyed building a model of the eye and naming the different parts. Well done Year Six- you have been fantastic! 


 Satldean Secret Stones

 A parent from Saltdean has explained a new activity, which has been set up for families in Saltdean called “Saltdean Secret Stones”. Please have a little read of below- we think this is a lovely idea!

 The idea is to promote family time and active play for children and families across the Saltdean Community. It is a great incentive to encourage children and parents to walk to school and spend real quality time together. In only 7 days we have already accumulated 251 members! Parents have been really excited about it and the game has begun!

The concept is simple:

  • ¨ Families get creative by painting and decorating a rock, on the back of the stone write “Saltdean Stones Facebook”
  • ¨ Then they hide it somewhere (safe) in Saltdean for someone else to find.
  • ¨ When someone finds a Saltdean Stone, they post a photo of it on the group page so we can see how far it travels, then hide it again somewhere new and the game continues! There have been some beautiful stones created already and the children’s faces are a real picture! 😊I have pasted some links below to find out more. 

Here is a video link explaining more about the concept:


Governing Body news

Our Governing Body is responsible for the strategic direction

of the school, making decisions about the school's budget and

ensuring that the school provides the highest standard of

education for every child.  It is made up of elected parents,

an elected staff member, the Headteacher, a local authority

governor and co-opted governors appointed by the Governing

Body. Governors hold regular meetings, work closely with the

Headteacher and her staff team and make regular visits to the school.


Our newest Governor, Colleen Weafer, was appointed in January. Full details of our Governing Body membership are available on the Governor pages of the school website:         

 Anyone aged 18 or over can become Governor. You don’t need to have a family member attending the school. We currently have 2 co-opted Governor vacancies. Co-opted Governors are appointed by the Governing Body. We are looking for people from the local community who have the time to come into the school to engage with staff and pupils. Enthusiasm, commitment and an interest in education are the most important qualities. If you are interested we would be pleased to hear from you.

Out of School Achievements

  • Harriet RO, passed her red belt Kata at karate and big sister Florence, 2P passed her orange belt kata too at the weekend! Both girls done their test with a smile on their faces today, that is what we like to hear! Super work girls!
  • Grace and Kate, both 6FW, successfully auditioned for High School the musical with the Brighton Theatre Group! How exciting- we cannot wait to find out what parts you will be playing!
  • Robyn 6M, was awarded the ASA swimming award for 600m! She swam for the entire 30-minute lesson. Your family are so proud of you, as are we! Well done Robyn, keep it up!
  • Ruby 3M, has recently achieved her very first red belt in Kickboxing! Go Ruby! There will be no stopping you now!
  • Thomas 1K, recently obtained his 200m swimming badge! What a wonderful achievement Thomas!



Easter Bunny Hunt

Don’t forget to buy your tickets for the Easter Bunny Hunt, which will be held after school on Wednesday 28th March, 3pm - 4pm. Tickets are £2.50 per child. Each child taking part must have a ticket and you can buy tickets for younger siblings who don’t attend the school. Children must be accompanied by a parent or carer. Each child taking part will receive an Easter egg prize when they complete the hunt and there will be eggs suitable for those with allergies. Book your tickets at www.pta- Last date to book tickets will be Saturday 24th March 2018.

 Sports Relief Dress Down Day

We will be shaking our buckets for Sports Relief on Friday 23rd March and children are invited to ‘Get Sporty’ with their clothing.  Anything sporty is fine, sports kits or just some leggings and hoodies are equally as good. A suggested donation of £1 will be gratefully received and will go direct to the Sports Relief Charity.

 Other dates for your diary.........

  • ¨ Summer Fair- Saturday 30th June
  • ¨ Year 6 Leavers Ball- Friday 13th July

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If you are on Facebook, please join our closed group ‘Friends of Saltdean Primary’ for more information and updates

You can follow us on Twitter: @fospbrighton

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